I am an everyday theologian working as a writer and novelist, garden designer, and emotional wellness coach on the north coast of Oregon. After completing an MA in theology then a PhD from the University of St. Andrews in 2000, I continued to pursue my studies—energetically self-educating in areas of theology, spirituality, and the emotional life.

After the election of our 45th President to high office, I like many felt the gravity of the moment. Here was a man whose values, demonstrated so shamelessly and graphically throughout his campaign, I intensely oppose: greed, domination, violence, planet-plundering, and intellectual laziness, to name a few. I like many felt a surge of resistance rise up in me that sought expression. For a writer and theologian, that means writing. It means reflecting theologically from my tradition, that of progressive Christianity. In this blog, I will do that. What am I resisting as I do “theology of resistance”? I am resisting the normalization, the creeping acceptance, of values antithetical to life, love, and the wholeness of person and planet. As a theologian and writer, I oppose such acceptance. I refuse to cooperate with it or keep silent. The United States are full of resisting, non-cooperative writers and theologians,  and together we are a mighty chorus.

Because this is a place to resist, I will also resist by deleting hateful or degrading comments as I am able (though I expect these comments serve to expose the misguided values of the commentator more effectively than anything could). This is not a place to  argue or tear people down.

In my writing, I am inspired by the “theology of resistance” done by people like Martin Luther King, Jr. (whose writings usually began as sermons), Joan Chittister, Walter Wink, Richard Rohr, and many others.